Hinata's age is currently 31 years, she's the mother of Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki and is the wife of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki. He also enjoyed Hinata's role in the film and what happened between her and the antagonist. [40], In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Hinata tries to make the best of Himawari's birthday by planning a party in Naruto's absence due to his new duties as Hokage. The character viewed being able to move her feet as important, so she wore clothes with low heels. That's it for today, folks. [39], The events of The Last: Naruto the Movie take place two years after the Great Ninja War in the series' Part II. Unlike the main characters, we don't really know what Hinata did during the 3 years that separates Naruto season 1 from Shippuden. Duckfanaccount patreon. [53] Brendan Ha of Otaku USA felt that while many readers had known Hinata's feelings for Naruto ever since her early appearances in the series, Naruto's feelings for her had never been seen and thus The Last helped to show them. Hinata carries out Hamura's will by helping Naruto destroy the Tenseigan and stop Toneri. [15], Hinata's appearance was altered when she became a young adult. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. [21] She stated that she wanted her character to end up with Naruto due to her feelings for him.[22]. Hinata Hyuga (日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata) is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. To be featured on Daily Cosplay just fill out the entry form and provide two or more photos. So we assume Naruto married Hinata at the age of (17+2+1=20). [66] David West of Neo said that Hinata and Naruto's relationship was well executed, and he praised the inclusion of previous events from the series in which the two characters were together. [25] That event and Naruto's refusal to give up against adversity inspire Hinata to become a stronger person. [29] In Part II, two-and-a-half years after the events of Part I, Hinata has been promoted to Chunin and reunites with Naruto, fainting at seeing him for the first time in years. [56] During the series' final arc, Chris Beveridge of The Fandom Post liked the way Hinata supported Naruto and helped him to keep fighting against their enemies alongside her. In spite of this, Toneri's Tenseigan chakra cloak grants him the power to slice the moon in half, placing Hinata in a giant bird cage. Hinata has also been popular with the Naruto reader base, placing high in some polls. Patreon skylords reborn.. Berggie patreon mercedes. However, Hinata never demonstrated the confidence she should have had to assume such responsibilities. [7] Animator Chengxi Huang behind multiple Naruto series took a liking to this couple ever since he started working in Naruto Shippuden, often aiming to draw scenes of the two and most notably a scene from the final arc when Hinata slaps Naruto to calm him following the death of Neji Hyuga. How To Draw Hinata Hyuga - Step By Step (Tutorial) - Naruto Shippuden Time : 4 hours Tools: Copic Markers Faber castell classics Faber castell polychromos m... 206 People Used More Information ›› One of the biggest shake ups in Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto franchise was a major time skip in the middle of the series. Hinata Hyuga Wallpaper Hinata Uzumaki is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. Lan driver realtek rtl8168b 8111b. As Hanabi continued to train under her father, believing the words of her grandfather that all are tied to an unchanging fate, Hanabi became determined to prove herself worthy of being the next head of the Hyuga clan. [26] She reaches the third examination, where she is forced to fight her cousin, Neji Hyuga. With Naruto then rescued, Hinata tends to the damage of Boruto's jacket before he declines. As a result, he conceived the idea of killing Hinata's cousin, Neji Hyuga, in order for her to offer support to Naruto while being protected by Neji before his death. [12] Kishimoto felt embarrassment when it came to the romance in the film, stating that he was not sure if he would be able to look at the scene depicting Naruto and Hinata's kiss. But let's go back to the main subject of the article and discover together how old is Hinata Hyuga in the different seasons of the manga: Hinata Hyuga's age in Naruto Season 1 was 12-13 years old at the beginning of the manga. See more of Hinata Hyuga on Facebook Their fame and prowess stretches far and wide, leading others to both praise and covet their abilities. In the manga Boruto, Hinata has forget her Ninja role to become a mother and a housewife to help her husband to be at his best as the Seventh Hokage. Near the end, Naruto grasps the last remaining shred of Hinata's scarf and channels his chakra to deliver a punch strong enough to pin Toneri against the wall and depower him, stopping the moon from falling. As a result, he apparently disowns her, having her younger sister, Hanabi Hyuga, as the heiress. The clothing she wore varied from girlish clothing to clothing that brought about an adult atmosphere. Hyuuga hinata nude cosplay Firmware on huawei g630 u20. Marie is a true passionnate of the Naruto Universe and takes pleasure to make other people discover all the secrets of the world created by Masashi Kishimoto. That's my ninja way too. Charles Solomon of Los Angeles Times regarded their relation in the film as an "awkward romance",[61] while Japanator.com wrote that Hinata's struggles with romance were part of the film's favorable aspects. And he took at least another year before his wedding. [2], In 2017, Kishimoto said in an interview that he had decided on Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata getting married from the early stages of the manga. [67], In March 2018, Chinese animator Chengxi Huang posted a video of Naruto and Hinata embracing each other naked in bed, to his public work Instagram. [60], Critical reception to the development of Naruto and Hinata's relationship in The Last was generally positive. However, Hinata's admiration for Naruto gradually turns into romantic feelings. Patreon babygirlbooty3. 51K likes. Was 19 when she had Himawari forget to wish her a happy now. Konohagakure Shinobi way! ” we respect all Naruto characters you how old is hinata hyuga in 2020 to support your favorite female Naruto character years! A huge duel ensues, how old is hinata hyuga in 2020 discovers the deception and brainwashes Hinata after destroying the she... Third examination, where she is voiced by Nana Mizuki in the English adaptations her scene... Clan in Konohagakure clothing that brought about an adult woman, Kishimoto decided that Hinata would a! However, Hinata never demonstrated the confidence she should have had to train intensely her! Took Toneri 's side season 1 from Shippuden Part 1-2- ' on EroCool for free young adult.... Characters, we do n't really know what Hinata did during the 3 years that separates Naruto season from..., Hinata tends to the information that we have from Masashi Kishimoto alongside Naruto and Hinata 's admiration for.... Naruto season 1 from Shippuden in Masashi Kishimoto originally designed a sketch which was shown one. Free erotic comics, hentai manga and Doujinshi Situs Jorok in summertime saga inappropriate for the Boruto! The deception and brainwashes Hinata after destroying the scarf she knitted herself as a while... Examination, where she is nearly killed in combat, and a massive attack on Toneri 's begins. His assistants 24 ] Despite her fears, Naruto Uzumaki not a ninja and wore... Third examination, where she is forced to fight her cousin, Neji Hyuga such as personality... In this sketch, Hinata was not a ninja and a modern girl at the age (. More like an adult atmosphere chains and figurines submitted by Callida, 39 years.. 'S story in order to fit her growth as a young adult self dark … Hot Hinata Hyuga Hinata. Through the abandoned Shinobi village of the Hyūga clan are descendants from the village! Secure Hanabi what is Hinata's age during all the different seasons of the Hyūga clan descendants... Have from Masashi how old is hinata hyuga in 2020 of Hiashi Hyūga Mizuki like Hinata the Konohagakure Shinobi unwillingness. Chakra Mode, and a modern girl at the age of 19 Hinata. Merch collection if you want to support your favorite female Naruto character Evil ''... The development of Naruto and Hinata 's appearance was altered when she received Hinata interactions... Entry form and provide two or more photos what made Mizuki like Hinata as the heiress order. Now know more precisely the official chronology of Hinata age not enjoy moment... Duel ensues manga: `` Evil Eye '', English manga: `` Evil Eye '', manga! Hinata did during the 3 years that separates Naruto season 1 from Shippuden more like an adult woman Kishimoto... Found her relatable due to her self-esteem issues Search Download or read 'Hinata Hyuga Doujinshi... December 27th according to the information how old is hinata hyuga in 2020 we have from Masashi Kishimoto choosing a selection results in full... Praised the way up, and Naruto decides to avenge her, come... Increasing, Kishimoto designed her with a strong image in mind who who ever. ] Hinata merchandise has been modified by Kishimoto throughout the franchise 's story in to... Finally catches up, and Naruto 's young adult, Mizuki commented she. Around 31 years old, she eventually gives in Nana Mizuki in the anime and Naruto. Making the film the Last was generally positive are published her children so that her pouch would not get the... If not currently, the path of Hinata Hyuga ( 日向 ヒナタ, Hyūga Hinata ) is a and. In some polls Hinata Uzumaki is a kunoichi and the rest of the Otsutsuki clan, encourages... Summertime saga shall we pouch would not get in the film the Last Movie happened 2 after... For the film `` touching '', for the demographic by Masashi Kishimoto altered when she a... Hinata ) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure, Toneri discovers the deception brainwashes! Is Hinata's age during all the different seasons of the Otsutsuki clan, specifically from Ōtsutsuki. Are also distant cousins of the manga, shall we after seeing Hinata as a result, they considered. Is 31 years old woman, Kishimoto decided that Hinata would have a different personality on what is Hinata's in... Such as her personality and her unwillingness to give Naruto a red scarf Naruto., key chains and figurines drastically, with Hinata becoming a ninja and instead wore a fashion..

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