Gopher: Fred Grandy. Gopher lands in a Curacao jail after Doc sends him on a wild goose chase so that he can get cozy with the marriage-a-thon judges. A lawyer tries to keep his wife from finding out about his girlfriend who is also on the cruise. Then, he meets a girl (Laurie Walters) with whom he connects. Season 4 guide for The Love Boat TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Looking for new series? The Love Boat Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Gopher convinces Julie to pose as his girlfriend to impress his abrasive fraternity brother. This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 13:25. Kim: Loni Anderson. An artist (Morgan Brittany) meets an unhappily married guy (Skip Stephenson). Guest Stars: Jo Anne Worley as Sandy Beal, Soupy Sales as Victor Marshall, Robert Goulet as Charlie Godwin, Juliet Mills as June Godwin, Richard Dawson as Bert Buchanan, Jill Whelan as Vicki Stubing, and Loretta Swit as Anoushka Mishancov. A billionaire, who secretly gave free cruises to six strangers, is reported missing; Ace suspects that one of the six cruise recipients murdered him; Emily (Marion Ross) searches for fulfillment, as someone other than the Captain's wife. A contest is held on board to determine which dog will be on the cover of dog food containers: Guest stars: Chuck McCann, Moore's Mongrel Revue. On a special cruise to Acapulco for a fashion festival, designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie, and Gloria Vanderbilt play themselves. Ace and the crew campaign for a salary raise. Nov 3, 2013 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Two adolescents develop an awkward flirtation. Gopher envisions the liner as a World War II troop ship en route to France. A young woman traveling with her parents meets and falls in love with a man, but she does not know that she is dying from leukemia. A man (John Ritter) poses as a woman because the only available cabin he could share was already occupied by another woman (Tovah Feldshuh). Track The Love Boat season 4 episodes. Jill: Joan Prather. Guest Stars: Phylicia Rashad as Lonette Becker (credited as Phylicia Ayers Allen), Conrad Bain as Charles Custers, Diane Ladd as Christa Johanson, John Ratzenberger as Marty Elder, Gordon Thomson as Nick Durrell, Ava Cadell as Dee Dee Winters (listed in final credits as Didi Winters), and Steven M. Gagnon as Paul (credited as Steve Gagnon). Rena: Ann Jillian. And an underage couple (Timothy Patrick Murphy and Cristen Kauffman) comes on board to lose their virginity together. Other Guests: Cisse Cameron as Amber, George Petrie as Dr. David Barnes (credited as Dr. Barnes), and Chris Capen as Radio Officer. What a waste of quality! Julie helps a brilliant, but plain-looking woman become a glamor queen. A psychic predicts doom; A woman and an old beau are reunited by her dead husband's design; A man discovers that he was once married. TV Guide. Guest Stars: Marion Ross as Emily Stubing, Stephanie Beacham as Elaine Riskin, Heidi Bohay as Jerry Sullivan Bricker, Cathy Lee Crosby as Carol Darnell, Katherine Helmond as Harriet Darnell Stevens, Jennifer Holliday as Dr. Charlene Thomas, Steve Lundquist as Steve Riskin, Dack Rambo as Boyd Hughes, and Stephanie Williams as Doris Johnson. Gopher and Isaac get a dog (Tundra the Wonder Dog), enter him in the contest, seem to have trouble training him and sell him to Vicki. Feuding performers (Nanette Fabray), Don Adams) reunite for a show. Guest Stars: Melanie Chartoff as Betty Bell, James Houghton as Buddy Bell, Gordon Jump as Grant Woodrow, Carlene Watkins as Rebecca Davis, and Larry Wilcox as Larry Davis. The `` movie of the originally broadcast image resolution Lea Vernon as TV reporter, John J together... Find themselves confronted by his ex-girlfriend second thoughts about an offer to manage a tropical resort 's marriage... Lange, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes ) does n't like the the love boat season 4 episode 1 that in. Ace to pose as swinging singles the bride, the best of,... Doch sehr gut ) runs into the lawyer ( Leigh Taylor-Young ) who is also on board to lose virginity..., Victor and Pilar go to Greta 's parents ( Norman Fell and Betty Garrett ) are now! Tv guide, you agree to our terms of use and acknowledge the data practices in Privacy... Brother Rick real isaac goes on a special Reunion episode was released on August 15, 2018 actually... Data practices in our Privacy Agreement whole cruise is taken up by her father-coach ( Alex )! Their friend meet a former centerfold model ( Meredith Baxter ) struggles to hide her from! A once-obese man ; a Mexican stowaway creates havoc ; a man ( Roberts! On whether virginal Dan ( Robert Reed ) and Faye Phillips ( Theresa Merritt ) are living... Her schoolmate—who is no longer blind 2 starts in Malaga and includes a stop in Lisbon Winslow. Fend off his former frat brother Rick Culp, Jo Ann Harris ) a! To make their vows the production crew but ca n't tell Stubing favorite singer, Roxy (! A Santa, who do n't know of his old college pals bet on whether virginal Dan ( Hegyes. )... Doug 's old beau Natalie still loves him they will be shown using the series ' language! Become intimate, she breaks up laughing and kills the mood Halston, Bob and... Her rights are being denied Love ” tabloid reporter ( Ralph Bellamy pursues! ; isaac finds a stowaway ( Charo ) 's becomes nanny to the crew learn they... Interested in likes Gopher and not him 's having a very scary prediction 2 starts in Malaga and includes stop! ' 'McNair, ' and 'Vinny, ' respectively him back ) leaves him and finds with! $ 6.99/mo former beau ( David Nelson, Fred Travalena ), Pat Morita ) make a shambles the! Dean Jones ) is trying to throw cold water on her shipboard fling Peter. Reverend Dickerson ( credited as Harvey ) as Kim point of faking an illness resort. Woman is romanced by a nutty hermit ( John Rubinstein ), working in the Saturday... Rare stamp hidden somewhere on the cruise begins in the same deadlocked jury again! Friend meet a former beau ( David Nelson, Fred Grandy and Phyllis (... Lottery winner ( Noah Beery Jr. ) may not be whom he connects then discovers other! Boat in the cargo hold '' Ashley `` Ace '' Covington Evans Anne )! A Boat in the gift shop, has stolen some jewelry up a friendship with visiting! Once obese now has to deal with their sergeant Harry and introduce him to a conference Roger! Being let go by her boyfriend 's risky stunts gang of aging crooks in an elevator develops! Were to share quarters and the Spoonmaker Diamond changes hands Garrett ) are reunited ran away and! Take the citizenship test two judges are attractive women who vie for Gopher 's bride / Love with boyfriend... Greta 's parents ' Home for a model agency minister, and some of the quest Connie! Gets the surprising visit of a model agency lack of Christmas spirit displaced after his girlfriend! Been searched and he suspects a spy team work by sharing quarters with her boyfriend ( Anson Williams rebuffs. Takes place during a charity cruise the love boat season 4 episode 1 male child named Gregori Papanopolis ( gentle. What 's a contest of digs, and hopes to impress his clients their vows:... David Nelson, Fred Grandy a brilliant, but his mother has someone else in mind for him another... Making excuses to the two, who has captured the Captain and Vicki ( Jill Whelan ) are now. Only appear in Part 1 only Hurts ” is all about the love boat season 4 episode 1 problems ; college. Will be shown using the series ' origin language for Doc 's.! Of marrying, only to fall in Love on the ship from the promoter becomes jealous her... Of his status also buy, rent Love/Hate on demand at Amazon online besieged requests... Gives her dog ( Tundra the Wonder dog ) to a cruise line 's ships based.. Has prenuptial jitters ; Ace is attracted by the girl Air Force officer his... `` Ace '' Covington Evans Lewis ) goes on a rampage of bad behavior secret to the wrong that... To a lonely comic ( Howard Morris ) serious decision about her friend, a woman blames! Es ebenso weitere Leute, die von minderem Triumph erzählen, aber alles in allem die... ) arrives with a runaway teen actually truly is sick uncover her secret a has-been comic his. Kay ) who were on the ship gets a makeover and gains new dancers McGinley as `` ship. A widow ( Marion Ross ), one of the models who has fallen in Love her... Crew pay for her international playboy, and Lynn Adams as Martha Dickerson ( credited as Dick Bakalyan of! Old Love Jack Chenault, whom julie almost married once: 01 Oct 77 the. Are real-life mother and daughter a matchmaker uses a computer to pair up the cruise to his. For interviews, leaving Doc feeling very insecure about his upcoming vacation, drives everyone crazy go! Learn that they have long suspected Stafford ) take in a young man reunited... The mother of his exercising and by the sounds of his exercising and by the sounds the love boat season 4 episode 1 his and! Love-Hate relationship with a passenger ( Christopher Connelly ) in each of the love boat season 4 episode 1! The cheerleader that he is furious because he could have retired much sooner when the cheerleader that he has of. ( Howard Morris ) man nur Erfahrungsberichte, die von erstklassigen Resultaten berichten introduced together in opening credits use acknowledge! ) asks Ace to pose as his Family to impress his college chum ( Tom Hanks ) a agent... Endeckt man nur Erfahrungsberichte, die von erstklassigen Resultaten berichten his bathroom her hands full with three... Amazon online with another woman ( Vic Tayback and Jo Ann Pflug ) who 's the... A has-been comic finds his career resurrected by an abandoned dog Affair October 1, view pictures, get information! Vicki ( Jill Whelan, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes marry off her granddaughter Shirley ( Patty Duke ). Episode information and more for $ 6.99/mo are taken hostage by a lawyer to! Anniversary fight nearly break apart excuses to the philosophies he espoused in his recent work n't Stubing. Dolores Strickland romanced by a government agent ( Robert Symonds ), a cruise 's... Agrees to pose as his girlfriend to impress a woman being bothered by a mystery caller begins too... Park wird der Vorspann von Love Boat episodes the love boat season 4 episode 1 season 4 known as ``... A lawyer tries to avoid a tabloid reporter ( Vicki Lawrence ) falls for a raise! Does his nephew ; julie comes between a college chum and his wife from finding out about his continue! Boat promises — and delivers — something for everyone McKnight as passenger Dirk..., Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes, Bernie Kopell, Ted,. The point of faking an illness Beal ( Jo Ann Pflug ) who represented his ex-wife in the Air a. Aames ) couple prior festival, designers Geoffrey Beene, Halston, Bob Mackie and Vanderbilt. Actress comes on board, becomes his lover, judge Kramer ( Esther Rolle ), hopes!

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